A little bit about my life


Once struck by lightning and shaped by the stern discipline of military school, I found myself navigating the unforgiving streets at just 16. Graduating from a path of recklessness that led me to prison at 18, I chose a different course—one guided by art.

Art has been my solace throughout life, but behind bars, it transformed into more than a form of self-expression; it became my redemption. Upon release, I channeled my energy into a tattoo art studio, turning my passion into a profession.

Since 2010, I've owned and operated my own studio, where each stroke of the needle tells a story of triumph over adversity. Balancing the demands of running a business while contending with epilepsy has been a daily challenge. Yet, I embrace each obstacle as a chance to learn and grow.

My art, once a refuge, now sustains not only my soul but also provides for my family. From the shadows of hardship, I've emerged, wielding creativity as a force for positive change. Every day is a blessing—a canvas upon which I paint my journey of resilience and transformation. My goals are 

Your goal is a multifaceted pursuit that involves leveraging your artistic talents to not only create meaningful expressions but also to build a sustainable source of income. Beyond personal fulfillment, you aim to provide for your family through the ownership and operation of your tattoo art studio. Despite facing the challenges of epilepsy, you navigate these hurdles with a commitment to continuous learning, shaping your journey into a narrative of triumph over adversity. Ultimately, your goal is to use art as a powerful tool for positive change in your life and the lives of those around you

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